Free workshops in 2015!

The new year is already speeding past so it’s time I get on with working out the workshops for the coming year. I’m going to be doing things slightly differently this year….   The first workshop of the year will be next week: Wed 28th January, 11am – 12pm and will be a drop in […]

My first catch – remembered 2

Exactly six years ago today! Ok, so I may not have got the absolutely exact actual day, but I had my very first ‘catch’ when my daughter was five weeks old, back in 2008. My little girl is not so little anymore – she turned six five weeks ago. Here’s what happened: One morning, when she was five […]

Awareness Week 28th – 4th May 4

Happy No Nappy – maker of the App for EC (aka baby-led potty training) is hosting an EC awareness week this week. Our friend, and founder of Happy No Nappy, Caroline, is doing a stirling effort at spreading the word about BLPT – Thanks Caroline! To celebrate she is co-ordinating a host of prizes to be […]

Finding Community: How I started the Oxford Nappy Free Baby Group 9

(And how you can do it too!) I was on the phone to my Mum within minutes of my daughter’s first deposit in the potty. “Can you believe it? I just held her over the potty when she started grunting, and she just did a poo straight  away! She’s only five weeks old!” Six years […]

I stuck these fliers up wherever I could.

Sew your own BLPT clothing

I just came across this great tutorial for making your own pair of split crotch trousers for baby (watch out when googling for this – you might get more that you bargained for!)

Why I love Victorian potties

  I really loved this potty. Here’s why: 1) It was small enough to fit between my legs as I sat cross legged. 2) I could keep it really steady holding the handle. 3) I could hang it to the back of a back-pack whilst travelling. 4) It was significantly smaller than a standard plastic […]

Take a survey and help further study

The University of Wanitoba in Canada is conducting a study on Elimination Communication  If you have used BLPT or EC with your child, who is now over 18 months, then you can take part and help further the research in this area:

What’s in a name? 2

Elimination Communication, EC, Natural Infant Hygiene, Infant Potty Training, Pottying, Diaper free, holding baby out…   All of these names and more have been used to describe the technique of actively toileting baby. In cultures where EC is the norm, for example in China and much of Africa, it is not common for this technique […]

New year… new website!

Welcome to This is the new face of Nappy Free Baby. You should find all the old information here – How to get started, the benefits of BLPT, where to find a local group, and more – all with a sleek new look!