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Baby-led potty training.

First it seems unbelievable. Then a little crazy. Then perhaps… there might just be something in it after all…

But there is a lot of stuff to get your head around when you first come across this idea. And sometimes there are questions further down the line, even though you’ve been pottying like a pro for months.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Amber Hatch. I have two children. I am a childminder, a teacher, and a writer. I’ve been practising and teaching BLPT for over five years.

My little girl was just five weeks old, back in 2008, when I first held her over a potty. Well, actually it was an ice cream tub. (You can read more about my first catch here.)

Six years later, I have seen my own two children go from babies held over the potty right through to toilet independence. Through five years of monthly workshops, I have helped over 150 families in my local community (and beyond) to learn the method for themselves. I have run seminars in children’s centres. I have discussed, advised, analysed and endlessly chewed over the ins and outs of method. I have been interviewed for local and national media, and have written articles for websites and magazines. Through email, social media and real-life workshops, I have helped a new generation of parents establish Baby-led Potty Training – a British version of elimination communication, adapted for modern UK living.

My book Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth, is available to buy now.

In the meantime, I am available for seminars and workshops. I also offer one-to-one consultancy. Please click here to find out more.

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