Book, website, consultations, workshops: It’s going to be an exciting year…

Well, this latest post is long overdue… All of last year I have been hard at work writing – but all behind the scenes. Leaving little time for website dabbling. So sorry for my long silence.

All that is going to change from now on: my brand new book Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth is off to the typesetter on Monday!

Don’t worry there’ll be plenty more news about that later… but for now it means that I finally have some free time to work on my website and keeping you up to date with all my news and musings on the wonderful world of nappy free.

Shortly I’ll be announcing my free workshop dates for the coming year. So get your diaries ready and head over to Oxford for some hands-on practical support and advice.

Watch out for a series of posts on the history of nappies and pottying. I did an absolute ton of research for my book this summer, and only about 10 percent made it into the final draft. So I want to share with you all those extra historical gems. We’ll look at ancient nappies, rennaisance swaddling, constipated Victorians, Psycholanalytic Freud, The Spock generation and more.

I’ll also be devoting more time to developing my consultations, and there’ll be an opportunity for a few lucky customers to help me out with out by providing feedback in return for a free consultation. Watch out for details in the near future. (If you aren’t already subscribed, whack your email address in the sign up box down at the bottom of the page, and I’ll let you know when that’s happening.)

Are there any other topics that you would specifically like me to address this year? If so let me know in the comments box below, and I’ll do my best!