Baby-led Potty Training meets Richard Branson

My good friend Jenn at Born Ready has designed Flaparaps, the ingenious drop-flap nappies that make BLPT a breeze.

She’s entered the Virgin competition Voom, which provides start up and support of great new businesses.The competition is decided solely by public vote. So if, like I do, you want to see Flaparaps and BLPT brought into the public consciousness, then go ahead and give her your vote…



Historical perspective #4: sixties to present day

I have to own up that I’ve tricked you here – this research did indeed make it into my book – so if you have been reading the earlier histories of nappies and potty training, and want to find out what happened next, then you will need to purchase my book to finish the story…

Part 1: Ancient Greece to C17th Swaddling bands

Part 2: Victorians and Freud

Part 3: Twentieth Century



Historial Perspective #3 The twentieth century

A gentler approach – The Twentieth Century

As the Twentieth Century progressed, this new kind of psychological understanding of children’s development influenced the way experts thought about toilet training. The use of enemas and soap-sticks – once utterly widespread for both adults and children, was now regarded as interfering, with a good chance of causing dependency.[1]

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Historical perspective #2 The Victorians and Freud

The Victorians

The concept of childhood itself, with children having distinct needs and identities, was seeded during the enlightenment and developed by the Victorians. However, they were also rather prudish: Priscilla Robertson argues that “The Victorians hated to put on paper what they considered to be dirty words, so that otherwise comprehensive manuals of childcare usually omit the entire subject of toilet training.”[1] The Victorian doctor, Pye Henry Chavasse, seems to show this exact hesitation. His first editions of Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children, which appeared in 1839, only alludes to toilet training. (Though it did suggest an almost obsessional preoccupation with constipation – or ‘costiveness’) However, by his eleventh edition, he was sufficiently confident to include a paragraph on the subject:

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BLPT – the historical perspective #1: Ancient Greece to seventeenth century swaddling bands

When I was writing Nappy Free Baby in 2014, I did a huge amount of research on the history of nappy use and toilet training.

However, when it came to editing my book for publication, my publisher felt that the historical content weighed too heavy on the book. I agreed and cut much of it, excepting the very latter part of the twenty-first century.

Rather than let all that good research go to waste, I thought I ought to write it up here as blogs posts. So here’s the first instalment:

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Another book book published today!

So this is a bit off topic – but I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have been working on a colouring book this year – and today, it’s published!

So if you were planning to get someone a colouring book for xmas, please do consider ours – it has a lot more depth to it than some, it guides you through using colouring as a meditation and each picture is linked to an inspirational quote – so it’s very meaningful. We hope you’ll like it!…

We also have a facebook page if you want to like and share (and you can find free downloads there too)

Last Oxford Workshop 25th November

The next Nappy Free Baby workshop will be held in Oxford, Wednesday 25th November, 11am -12pm.

This is the last workshop of the year. I will be taking time off next year as I work on my next parenting book. So this may be your last opportunity to see me for a while!

Places are free, though you need to contact me to book a place. The workshop will be  a practical session, so please do bring potties and whatever you need to enable you to potty your baby. Siblings are welcome. I will be holding the meeting at my house in Oxford – please email me for details:

Hope to see some of you there!