Support groups

You don't need to belong to a group to practise EC. However, many parents find it useful to share experience and support with other parents.

EC is growing exceptionally fast, so lots of new support groups are springing up around the country and beyond.

There is an online yahoo group for ECers in the UK, was set up in 2010 to provide UK ECers with a comprehensive forum. Here you will find a sub - forum specifically devoted to setting up and organising EC meetings across the country.

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Below are the details of groups in the UK. Some are already established, and some are the contact details of parents who would like to meet up with other parents in the area. (Email addresses listed below need to have spaces removed from around the @.) For more details visit 

Can't find a group in your area, and want to set up you own? You can read more about setting up a group in Amber's article "Setting up the Oxford Nappy Free Baby Group".

PLEASE NOTE: The groups and individuals listed below have not been vetted by us at NappyFreeBaby. We promote a method that is gentle, non-coercive, and child-led. Please assure yourself these individuals and groups follow a genuinely child-led and respectful approach.

Around England


Bristol has a thriving EC scene, with two groups operating under a single contact name.
Find out about them on facebook Request to be added, to find out the details. Non facebook users can contact Sarah Smith. Email smithsarah64 @ virginmedia . com


Contact Nina, email fennelennel @ or go to her Sling Meet blogspot:

Devon/ Totnes

Contact Dorrie Joy,  dorriejoy @


Contact Kathryn Pike, email kathryn-pike @


Contact Olive, email olive79 @


    Contact becca & harry (& iris), phone 07943 588284 email bec37ca @

Newcastle upon Tyne

Meets the last Thursday in the month. Contact Jenny Liggitt, email Jennifer_liggitt5 @


Contact Amy Metcalf, email amy.metcalf @

Northamptonshire / Daventry

Contact Hannah Worthington, email hannahworthington @


The Oxford Nappy Free Baby group meets once a month. Normally 11-12 pm, the last Wednesday of the month. It meets at the Barracks Lane Community Garden, just off Cowley Road, between Kenilworth and Cumberland Road. Beginners and experienced ECers welcome. The group is an informal practical session, so do bring potties and towels. For more information, please email or phone 07979 415971 or visit the Oxford Nappy Free Baby website at


Meets currently held in Frome, contact Daria on 07969 907888 or  daria @ for more details. Or go to Facebook 'Frome Elimination Communication Support Group'


Worcester EC Babies meets EVERY 2nd Saturday of the month.  We meet at the Pump House Environmental Centre just off Gheluvelt Park (WR1 3EZ) in a private room upstairs. There is a lovely cafe with moderately priced soup, biscuits and cakes available just downstairs. Curious, beginners and experienced ECing families are welcome. Nappy-free is allowed at this venue - you may bring a potty or use one of the group's pottiesFollow us on Facebook Worcester EC Babies or email daria @ diaperfreebaby. org / phone 07699 07888.


Around Scotland

North Lanarkshire / Kilsyth

Contact Ann, email anngallagher123 @ 

Around Wales

Ceredigion area

Contact Anna Clark, email foxfamily1971 @

Outside UK

Germany - Mainz
Contact Joanne Spittler email jospittler @

Want to start a group? Get in touch to include your details here.