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What’s mindfulness got to do with BLPT?

I’ve always felt that BLPT and mindfulness go hand in hand, as BLPT encourages us to be truly present with our babies, helping us to connect, and encourages a spirit of curiosity and acceptance.

My journey into mindfulness

When I gave birth to my baby girl back in 2008, the incredible power of mindfulness was brought home to me during my labour, though at the time I had not heard of the concept. Being a mum, with all the rocking, feeding and soothing to sleep, became a kind of intuitive meditative practice for me. I got increasingly interested in the way the mind works, and in 2009 I began formal meditation with Samatha, using a mindfulness of breathing technique. I have been practising buddhist meditation ever since. I have a daily practice and I regularly go on retreat.  I co-ordinate the annual family retreat at the Samatha Centre in Wales.

Mindfulness for Parents

It’s not always easy practising mindfulness when you are a parent – but when you can, the pay-offs are immeasurable. I think that learning about – and practising – mindfulness can bring benefits to parents everywhere. I have set up a pilot project – Oxford Mindfulness for Parents – along with my friend Dr Guin Webster. We offer relaxed meditation classes which provide a space for parents to meditate with children in tow, and mindfulness discussion focussed on the particular needs of parents. Guin, who leads the meditation and discussion, is a clinical psychologist, NCT postnatal leader and mindfulness teacher, just completeing her training with Oxford Mindfulness Centre (part of Oxford University). Guin also came to the very first Nappy Free Baby workshop, back in 2008.

I am working on a new book Mindfulness for Parents – watch this space!

To find like-minded folk to share support and experiences, why not join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MindfulnessForParents/

Oh, and if you like colouring… 

I have a new book coming out in November – Colouring for Contemplation (Watkins publishing) which is a mindful colouring book. It’s a collaboration with my husband, Alex Ogg, who drew the beautiful pictures in Nappy Free Baby.

To find out more, please visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ColouringforContemplation