Guide for childcare providers

I’ve just written a new guide for childcare providers. This concise fact-sheet gives a brief introduction to BLPT. It explains how childcarers can work with parents to provide consistency of care, and gives some ideas as to how they can offer the potty in the childcare setting.

Feel free to download it, print it off and give it to your childcare provider.

Download this free guide for childcare providers

I’d love to hear what your nursery, childminder or nanny thinks about BLPT, and how they get on with pottying your baby. Let me know in the comments below.


Free workshops in 2015!

The new year is already speeding past so it’s time I get on with working out the workshops for the coming year. I’m going to be doing things slightly differently this year….

The first workshop of the year will be next week: Wed 28th January, 11am – 12pm and will be a drop in style workshop – so no need to book.

After that, I’ll be taking bookings for the rest of the year’s workshps. If you want to come along, you’ll need to drop me an email. (If I get organised enough, I may even create a booking form page on the website somewhere). The workshops themselves are totally free (though I will ask you to make a £2 donation to Kangaroo playgroup, who hosts us), and you can come as many times you you like.

Here are the years dates: Continue reading

Book, website, consultations, workshops: It’s going to be an exciting year…

Well, this latest post is long overdue… All of last year I have been hard at work writing – but all behind the scenes. Leaving little time for website dabbling. So sorry for my long silence.

All that is going to change from now on: my brand new book Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth is off to the typesetter on Monday!

Don’t worry there’ll be plenty more news about that later… but for now it means that I finally have some free time to work on my website and keeping you up to date with all my news and musings on the wonderful world of nappy free. Continue reading

My first catch – remembered

Exactly six years ago today!

Ok, so I may not have got the absolutely exact actual day, but I had my very first ‘catch’ when my daughter was five weeks old, back in 2008. My little girl is not so little anymore – she turned 6 five weeks ago.

Here’s what happened:

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Awareness Week 28th – 4th May

Happy No Nappy – maker of the App for EC (aka baby-led potty training) is hosting an EC awareness week this week. Our friend, and founder of Happy No Nappy, Caroline, is doing a stirling effort at spreading the word about BLPT – Thanks Caroline! To celebrate she is co-ordinating a host of prizes to be given away on a daily basis throughout the week. Including a free telephone consultation from yours truly! Continue reading

Finding Community: How I started the Oxford Nappy Free Baby Group

(And how you can do it too!)

I was on the phone to my Mum within minutes of my daughter’s first deposit in the potty.

“Can you believe it? I just held her over the potty when she started grunting, and she just did a poo straight  away! She’s only five weeks old!”

Six years later, and I still feel that sense of excitement when I explain to people how easy and marvellous BLPT can be. It seemed so wonderful to me back then, that I couldn’t understand how someone could not do it, once they knew it was possible. Since then I’ve wanted to help as many people as possible to find out about BLPT.

I started the Oxford Nappy Free Baby Group five and a half years ago, though it didn’t have a name back then. Lots of people have asked me how I managed to set up the group, so here is the story: Continue reading