Thanks for booking

Thank you for booking a consultation or home visit with me!

If you have booked a home visit, you’ll need to tell me your address here, and also the days which works best for you.

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I will get back to you shortly by email to confirm the time of your consultation.


If anything comes up in the meantime which means you need to change the time or day, then please use the contact form on my website to get in touch, or send me an email at


For phone/skype consultations:

I know that babies can be tricky sometimes, and we can’t always predict when they will be asleep. If you need to break off to go to your baby during the consultation, I completely understand. I’ll do my best to find another convenient time to finish off the consultation with you over the next few days. (I’ll aim to do that within the week, otherwise we can lose the thread of the conversation.) Or if it works for you, you can bring your baby along!


Looking forward to speaking with you!

Amber x